A Commitment to Initial and On-Going Training

The Mission Statement of Burlington Trailways states that “the motor coaches will be operated by trained professional drivers who are specifically suited for the transportation needs of our customers. All company personnel are expected to serve the customers and passengers with respect and courtesy, and to be alert and attentive to their needs.”

Burlington Trailways Driver Training School

The Burlington Trailways Driver Training School’s initial training program requires all new drivers to successfully complete an industry assessment of their capabilities, to meet all required physical and mental standards, and to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test, as required by the Department of Transportation. Attendance at the Burlington Trailways Driver Training School and completion of the published “Model Curriculum for Training Motor Coach Drivers”, as prepared by the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Motor Carriers, is mandatory. During this training they will complete approximately 45 hours of class room instruction and 45 hours (approximately 1800 miles) of practical experience driving our motor coaches. This will include specialized training with our self-contained “Mobile Interactive Driver Training Simulator” whereby unusual driving scenarios can be created and practiced without the resulting consequences. In addition, the new driver will ride and observe a variety of scheduled service operations and charter trips to gain insight to the variable assignments they will encounter.

On-Going Training

On-Going Training consists of computerized lessons which the driver can complete at their chosen place and time and at a comfortable pace. Driver meetings are conducted bi-monthly around the Burlington Trailways system utilizing the self-contained “Mobile Interactive Driver Training Simulator” which incorporates a mobile classroom. Each driver employed by Burlington Trailways has completed training as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).