Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the company been in business?
Burlington Trailways was established in 1981. The company has been family owned and operated from day one.
Is the company approved by the Department of Transportation?
Motor coach companies must have federal operating authority if they cross any state or provincial lines. Burlington Trailways has a satisfactory rating from the Department of Transportation, which is their highest standard issued. Our DOT # is 205055.
Is Burlington Trailways approved by the Department of Defense?
The Department of Defense standards go beyond those of the DOT. Our department of Defense rating is a 1 which is the highest rating that can be achieved. Out of over 4000 operators, only about 400 have a 1 rating with DOD.
What is the level of your insurance coverage?
The federal Department of Transportation requires five million dollars combined, single-limit liability coverage. Burlington Trailways carries a ten million dollar liability policy, twice the required limit. We would be happy to provide you with a copy of our certificate of insurance.
Do you have references from past or present clients?
Burlington Trailways will provide references upon request. Read testimonials from some of our clients.
What equipment is available for charter use?
We have 38 motor coaches, ranging from 40 to 56 passengers. The average age of our fleet is six years old, with an average of two new coaches purchased each year to keep our fleet updated. We predominantly use Prevost with some MCI coaches.
What is your maintenance policy?
Burlington Trailways takes maintenance very seriously and every coach is inspected before and after every trip and an inspection sheet is submitted. Maintenance reviews this information and corrects any problems that are indicated. Every 3,000 miles, a detailed inspection and service will be performed.
Do you comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration pre-trip passenger safety messaging requirements?
Burlington Trailways has a professionally-produced video message on safety produced especially for our customers about our motor coaches and drivers.
Is an on-site inspection of your garage and equipment available?
Burlington Trailways welcomes visits from our customers! Feel free to stop by, we would love to show off our facilities and let you meet the great people who call Trailways their place of employment. You can tell a lot about a company just by taking a look.
Do you have a driver training program?
The Burlington Trailways Driver Training School’s initial training program requires all new drivers to successfully complete an industry assessment of their capabilities, to meet all required physical and mental standards, and to successfully pass a pre-employment drug test, as required by the Department of Transportation. Attendance at the Burlington Trailways Driver Training School and completion of the published “Model Curriculum for Training Motor Coach Drivers”, as prepared by the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Motor Carriers, is mandatory. During this training they will complete approximately 45 hours of class room instruction and 45 hours (approximately 1800 miles) of practical experience driving our motor coaches. This will include specialized training with our self-contained “Mobile Interactive Driver Training Simulator” whereby unusual driving scenarios can be created and practiced without the resulting consequences. In addition, they will ride and observe a variety of scheduled service operations and charter trips to gain insight to the variable assignments they will encounter.
Do you adhere to Department of Transportation driver regulations?
The Department of Transportation limits drivers to 15 hours of continuous service; however, only 10 hours of that time may be spent driving. Burlington Trailways adheres to all USDOT regulations!
How do you handle on-the-road emergencies?
Burlington Trailways is one of over 80 independent Trailways companies nationwide. We work together nationwide to provide service throughout the country. We also have a reciprocal service agreement with nationwide carrier, Greyhound.
What type of amenities can be expected on your motor coaches?
At Burlington Trailways, not only are our motor coaches climate controlled, they include many extras beyond the basics such as an on board restroom and DVD player units. We offer coaches with amenities such as wireless internet, satellite TV, seatbelts, overhead lights, 110 outlets at every seat, cup holders, tray tables, magazine racks, footrests, a wheelchair lift, and a galley kitchen.
Can movies be shown on the coach?
Only those carriers licensed by the MPAA (Motor Picture Association of America) may show copyrighted movies on board. Burlington Trailways has obtained this license and is authorized to show movies on board.
Can Burlington Trailways help me plan my travel when chartering a bus?
We will assist you with completing a detailed itinerary when planning a trip. This information helps us to accurately quote your trip and plan for needs you may not have thought of such as driver relief, parking, tolls, driver’s hotel room, etc.
How might changes in our itinerary affect the price of a charter?
At Burlington Trailways, we work hard to cover all facets of the itinerary to avoid adding any post trip fees. Any itinerary changes must adhere to DOT regulation of driver’s hours of service. The chartering party will be required to sign a customer service contract that stipulates that changes may affect your final price and the trip will adhere to driver’s hours of service regulations. We want to eliminate any surprises when you receive your invoice.
Will the ever-changing fuel prices affect my cost?
At Burlington Trailways, any additional fuel surcharges will not be applied if the customer pays in full within ten days of booking. However, if not paid in full, Burlington Trailways reserves the right to add additional fuel surcharges when economic conditions subject us to significant increases in the cost of fuel.
Do you have a formal drug and alcohol policy?
Burlington Trailways can provide you with a copy of our written drug and alcohol policy for your review.
Are you a full service carrier? Do you have on-site maintenance?
Burlington Trailways has 24/7 dispatch and maintenance facilities and vehicles to handle most on-site emergencies or will provide a substitute vehicle as soon as possible using the network of reciprocal motor coach companies if necessary.
What is your policy pertaining to smoking, alcoholic beverages, and carry-on food?
Smoking is never allowed on the motor coach, and only in designated areas outside. Food is allowed at no charge. Alcoholic beverages are allowed on private charters with a refundable $200 deposit which is returned if the coach does not require additional cleaning after it returns.