To our Valued Trailways Customer:   Thank you for choosing to partner with Trailways Travel, Tours & Charters for your transportation needs; we take great pride in striving to provide the highest level of service to all of our clients! In these difficult economic times our company, much like you personally, has felt the impact of rising fuel prices. Despite our best attempts to control expenses, the higher costs of diesel fuel have led to the necessary implementation of an additional fuel surcharge fee for some charters. This fee may exceed the percentage you were assigned at the time of your original contact. Approximately 30 days prior to your departure this variable fuel surcharge will be re-evaluated, and any changes based on current diesel prices will be implemented if applicable. If you would like to lock in the current fuel surcharge, we are offering our customers who pay in full within 10 days of booking the opportunity to do so. Thirty days prior to your charter’s departure your contract will be re-evaluated, and if fuel has decreased, we will refund your group the difference! The motor coach industry is indeed the safest, most fuel-efficient and least energy intensive transportation service in North America, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding of this situation. We are grateful for your business and look forward to a continued relationship for years to come. Trailways Travel, Tours & Charters is committed to providing you the highest level of customer service and we thank you for choosing us as your Motor Coach Travel, Tour and Charter Company.   Sincerely, Ron Moore President of Trailways, Travel & Charter
Starting From Ending Fuel Surcharge
$3.00 $3.19 2%
$3.20 $3.39 3%
$3.40 $3.59 4%
$3.60 $3.79 5%
$3.80 $3.99 6%
$4.00 $4.19 7%
$4.20 $4.39 8%
$4.40 $4.59 9%
$4.60 $4.79 10%
$4.80 $4.99 11%
$5.00 $5.19 12%
$5.20 $5.39 13%
$5.40 $5.59 14%
$5.60 $5.79 15%
$5.80 $5.99 16%
$6.00 $6.19 17%
$6.20 $6.39 18%
$6.40 $6.59 19%
$6.60 $6.79 20%