A Commitment to Safety

The Mission Statement of Burlington Trailways states that “It is the intent of the Corporation to operate in full and complete compliance with all rules and regulations as they apply to our business and the operation of our equipment. Safety of operation for our equipment and for the comfort of our passengers is of paramount concern. As a Corporation, we endeavor to maintain a crash free, accident free, and incident free environment.” Burlington Trailways’ expectations of each and every driver is “to drive the coach in such a manner so as to be able to see and assess any and all accident/crash producing situations soon enough so that corrective actions can be initiated and completed prior to the occurrence of any accident/crash, regardless of the road conditions, weather conditions, or time of day.” The entire Burlington Trailways fleet is equipped with state of the art equipment including:
  • “Voyager” GPS system which monitors the status, location, and speed of each coach throughout the United States and Canada. This system allows for and is capable of notifying emergency personnel of on-board emergencies and security issues at the flip of a switch.
  • Safety Vision surveillance camera system that provides continuous recorded video and audio of the interior and exterior of the coach.
  • A Two-Way radio system allowing each coach driver to communicate with other coach drivers, and to communicate with Corporate Dispatch within a one hundred mile radius of the corporate office.
Burlington Trailways is currently ordering all new coaches and reconditioning existing coaches with additional safety features and passenger comfort features including:
  • Tire monitoring system monitoring tire pressures and temperatures.
  • Fire suppression systems capable of notifying the driver of a fire, and extinguishing an on-board equipment fire.
  • New and improved passenger seating including “3 point seat belts.”
  • Interactive speed control (cruise control).
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for the enhanced stability of the coach.
  • Disc brakes with antilock brake systems (ABS).
Since the founding of Burlington Trailways, we have continuously earned the highest possible safety rating. These high ratings have resulted from United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and the Federal Department of Defense (DOD) on-site and on-the-road inspections of coaches, drivers, records, and corporate infrastructure.