“I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had going to Sundown on Sunday on the Trailways bus-and a LARGE part of that was due to our VERY FRIENDLY and EXTREMELY HELPFUL bus driver— Terry. I cannot sing his praises enough! HE was so kind and polite and he made us all feel very safe and content… It’s because of people like Terry and yourself that I will ALWAYS contact Trailways first…”

Patti McTaggart
St. Mary’s Church

“Our trip was great and Bob, our driver, did a super job! We even got home early!”

Two Rivers Bank

“Trailways service was exceptional. All the drivers, Don, Mel, and Bob were kind and courteous. They went above and beyond to meet our transportation needs. Each of the drivers helped us with our video and when we had trouble, they repaired it. Thanks so much!”

Kathy Baker
Great River Medical Center

“Trailways was wonderful! It offered the comfort needed for a long trip, flexibility with many young passengers, and perks like a bathroom and TV’s. Thank you so much!”

Mediapolis Community School

“Our driver, Bob Bowen, was excellent for this trip to St. Louis, Mo. [He was] very professional, and we felt safe even though we drove through rain and came home late at night. Excellent Service!”

Midwest Bank

“Our request was around many tight turns- no complaints, he did it all with a smile. He was fantastic… He catered to all our needs and requests and gave us (bride/groom) best wishes as we exited the bus. We cannot thank him enough for the wonderful time he allowed us to have!”

Ashley Ufkes

“Our experience was excellent in all aspects. The driver was easy to work with and very helpful and agreeable. We are planning more such trips and will call upon your service again. Thank you!”

Monmouth College

“This was a most enjoyable trip! Matt and Angie were just great. A huge thanks to Randy and Sue and anyone else who helped!”

Lee County Bank