Package Express

Have a package to ship? No Problem! Package Express is an economical choice for non-time sensitive ground shipments with time estimates ranging from one to ten business days based on distance. To ship a package, bring it to the Burlington Trailways ticket counter at any of our stations offering Package Express services and a customer service representative will process your shipment. Please check the Depot Location and Maps tab on this page for detailed information for each location. Hours vary by location.



Costs are determined based on weight and dimensions of package. Rates vary by size, weight and distance. Certain size restrictions apply.

Size And Weight Limits

The maximum weight per package is 100 pounds. Measurements of a package should not exceed 30″L x 47″ W x 82″ H. Some exceptions apply, so give us a call at 319-753-2864 to discuss your specific needs!

Packaging Requirements

All shipments must be packed in containers made of durable material and of quality sufficient to withstand handling on the motorcoach. All packages containing fragile or perishable articles must be marked as such in large letters, preferably with appropriate labels. Call today for more information, or visit your closest Burlington Trailways location that supports Package Express.

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